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Wedding Photography and Creative Live

Today is an exciting day. I’m shooting a wedding in Mesa and it’s going to be great…an intimate and chic venue {Tre Bella} and a lot of artistic and historic sites abound just around the corner.

I’m always looking for ways to grow & perfect who I am as a photographer…it’s like a lifetime learning thing. Even when I’m still shooting 20 years from now I’ll still be looking for ways to up my game. Recently, I came across an awesome online event, Creative Live Featuring Jasmine Star. I really like Jasmine Star, she is an awesome Wedding Photographer {I have to use caps cause she’s a real pro.} Not only is she a talented photographer she is very open and honest and likes sharing her experiences with other photographers. I really, really recommend her blog. The Creative Live Event, featuring Jasmine Star takes the viewer through the intricacies of a wedding day photo shoot. It’s 5 days of intensive online video training. I’ve watched 2 days of the training and it has really helped to address/verify/ and clarify some issues for me when photographing an event as varied and extensive as a wedding. Thanks Creative Live and Jasmine for this awesome resource.


Working Away…

I’ve been steadily working on my site…here’s another preview of the progress. There’s still a lot that needs to be done {obviously} but I’m happy with how things are coming together.

After a year of contemplating what direction to go in, I’ve decided to focus on Wedding and Engagement Photography. I believe I’m in love with love. The institution of marriage is sacred. And when two special people come together it’s amazing. I like capturing moments of couples having fun and reveling in each other’s company.

My New Site: CYNTHIA J PHOTOGRAPHY {a preview}

My life has been kinda crazy lately. In a good way. There are lots of projects cookin’ at the same time…multiple burners going. And it’s been a challenge. The good thing is that I love what I do.

Working on my website has been challenging, but its coming along. This is a preview / ‘placeholder’ until all of my photos and other info is finalized. At the same time it’s a lot of fun!

In defense of my vice:

I can’t stop reading photo blogs…I especially like the blogs of wedding photographers like Jasmine Star and Radiant Photography. I admire their style, fresh approach, and the story behind each shoot. I want to take photos like these one day {soon}.

Photo of the day

Summer Fun

What’s better than spending a hot day at the lake? Taking photos by the lake (of course). Really though, sometimes its just nice to relax and enjoy the sun, air, water.  So take time this week to soak up some summer sun and fun.

Get Up Close: Great Resources for Macro Photography

I’ve been reading about macro photography for some time. Even though I am eager to start I feel one can never do enough research. Here are some of the links / videos / tutorials that I’ve found helpful in my exploration of this niche of photography:

PhotoTuts (advanced macro photography)

    Clouds: A Healthy Obsession

    I love clouds. There is something absolutely captivating about a cloud filled sky. Which leads me to the topic of cloud photography. It seems I am not alone in this. There is an entire website dedicated to clouds and those who take photos of them. If you share in the obsession or are perhaps even mildly curious you may want to stop by the Clouds 365 Project (A Webby Award Nominee by the way). At the Clouds 365 Project you can share your clouds photos and admire the work of other artists. I think it’s also really cool the creator, Kelly DeLay, is capturing cloud photos and video. I want to say the videos have that time-lapse feel. This is a really nice touch. Kelly describes himself as a multimedia artist. His site, which explores his obsession with clouds, is top-notch and a must-see for anyone who enjoys clouds / nature / landscape photography.