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Clouds: A Healthy Obsession

I love clouds. There is something absolutely captivating about a cloud filled sky. Which leads me to the topic of cloud photography. It seems I am not alone in this. There is an entire website dedicated to clouds and those who take photos of them. If you share in the obsession or are perhaps even mildly curious you may want to stop by the Clouds 365 Project (A Webby Award Nominee by the way). At the Clouds 365 Project you can share your clouds photos and admire the work of other artists. I think it’s also really cool the creator, Kelly DeLay, is capturing cloud photos and video. I want to say the videos have that time-lapse feel. This is a really nice touch. Kelly describes himself as a multimedia artist. His site, which explores his obsession with clouds, is top-notch and a must-see for anyone who enjoys clouds / nature / landscape photography.

Tucson is beautiful

In February I visited Tucson with a friend. This is a shot from the balcony of the resort…winter in Tuscon is…breathtaking. Incredibly serene and beautiful. We had dinner at the Cheesecake Factory, then relaxed in the jacuzzi after. I would have taken photos of the pool area as well, but after eating all that good food I was tired!